The conception of REPETE was a result of our lifelong relationship with cycling and a deep desire to construct and design our own bikes. By combining our extensive knowledge and past experiences a new brand arose. REPETE evolved when we started to custom build, restore and renovate bikes. We had always had the vision of building our own frames right from the beginning.

      During the early years we got in touch with Czech frame building specialists, started to collect the necessary skills while all along gaining more experience and knowledge. We established a long-term cooperation with quality cmponent manufacturers – when building our bikes, with a focus of utilizing and encouraging the use of domestic market by using Czech products. At the same time we strive to move the field of frame building forward – looking back on its history and evolution to today and tomorrow. It is this visionary development that drives us forward and allows us to custom build an exceptional cycle for any level cyclist. It pleases us to continue in the Czech tradition of excellence in engineering and crafts with an emphasis on utilization of local products and suppliers to enable an environmentally sound product.

      The whole process of frame building is completely done with our own hands. From the initial creation of a digital model that is directly based on the proportions of the customer, to soldering up the frame with a silver iron and hand-grinding it to the final form and finish. Our clients choose the color combination and determine what set of components and details they desire.

      Currently we’re constructing frames from Columbus steel tubes, an Italian manufacturer with a long-standing history in cycling. We are working with their latest designs and models, which have achieved outstanding technical and structural properties. The advantages of our steel frames are in their lightweight, mechanical resistance and durability. Our bikes are noted for there perfect dynamics and first class riding properties. The rider will thus reach perfect connectedness with the bike on any surface.

      We continue to focus on the development of new technological processes in building frames from the use of composite materials. While striving to perfect our cycles and development we cooperate closely with the premises of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Mikolas Voverka and Robin Fišer